Cat Lovers and Signs of Intelligence

At the beginning of July I posted about the inanity of blogging about cats and the overwhelming number of cat pictures online.

Today I received more confirmation that there is something wrong with these people as someone made the following comment:

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous said…

“Yeah, you’re a retard if you don’t like cats. I don’t like you; that’ll be my first entry in my new blog.”

As I said in the post, anonymous you are a real pussy. 😉 But please do let me know when you start a blog and I will be happy to supply you with content.

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  1. Jack's Shack July 29, 2005 at 5:52 pm

    Why would I make these stories up. I don’t like cats, never have. If I want to be ignored I can go elsewhere. 😉

    You did make me think about how often pets and their owners resemble each other.

  2. dorothy rothschild July 29, 2005 at 4:53 pm

    Heh. I seriously hope you make these up. Otherwise there really is no hope for humanity.

    I love my puddytats, but I understand why others don’t like cats and certainly don’t take it personally if they don’t. I have never met a cat I didn’t like, even the mean ones. Dogs however, I’ve met some really annoying, smelly, obnoxious dogs, though that is usually the result of an annoying, smelly, obnoxious owner.

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