Two Cool Articles- I Liked These

Here are two articles that caught my eye. Unlike my pal DovBear I am not a one trick pony. 😉 Watch him try to figure that one out.

Plane makers offer new cabin amenities, from showers to shops

“WASHINGTON – Coming soon to an airport near you: an airliner with a window in the lavatory.

Boeing plans to offer restrooms with views as standard equipment on its new 787 airliners. It’s part of a much larger industrywide competition to woo travelers – or at least the carriers that buy planes – with new cabin amenities that sizzle.

“We’re making flying fun again,” said Boeing spokeswoman Mary Hanson.

The big concept is “to allow you to emotionally leave the highway, parking lot and security experiences behind you” and really enjoy the flight, said R. Klaus Brauer, chief designer of the 787’s interior, in a recent Boeing Web site chat.

The showiest dog in this race is Airbus’ A380, the huge new double-decker that seats 550 and offers unheard-of amenities. Among the carrier’s options are showers, on-board massage stations, stand-up bars, duty-free shops – even a sort of flat-panel waterfall.

Boeing’s smaller 787 Dreamliners compete with subtler enticements. A ventilation system that delivers higher cabin humidity, for example, is meant to reduce eye and nose dryness. At the same time, higher cabin pressure will make travelers feel like they’re flying at a relatively comfortable 6,000 feet, rather than 8,000 as in current planes.”

Of course my shoulders will still hang off of the seat and my knees will still be in the back of the person in front of me. The big benefit is that if I happen to spend some time in the lavatory I might be able to look out the window and play B-1 Bomber. Just for the Shmata Queen, that is called potty humor. Think about it. Ok, keep thinking, it will come to you.

And still in the world of transportation and vehicles you would see in cleveland.

‘Dukes’ drives up value of Chargers

Anyone who owns a 1969 Dodge Charger can yell “Yee-haw!” over the boost in value the cars have received from The Dukes of Hazzard.

The movie based on the 1980s TV series about Southern scofflaws and their high-flying Charger R/T dubbed General Lee arrives in theaters Friday. Interest in the film appears to have increased the car’s value 64% over the past six months, from $28,200 in January to $43,900 in July, according to Kelley Blue Book.

The publication, which tracks used-car values, says Chargers with a powerful “hemi” engine are worth triple that.

Renewed passion for the car has sparked new demand, to the delight and despair of Charger fans.

“People who have the cars are happy, and people who don’t have the cars but want them are unhappy because they’re going to be harder to find,” says Chris Giardina, 35, the proprietor of the fan group”

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