Proselytization And The Rules of The Shack

Hi folks,

Just some simple house rules to go over regarding Proselytization here in the shack. If you spend any time here you know that I have very strong opinions about many things. But I try to do what I can to make this place engaging for multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

I do that because I do not think that I always have all the answers and I find it to be wise to be open to many perspectives and points-of-view about lots of different things. However, there is a line that I draw when it comes to proselytization about religion.

Proselytizing here is something that I prefer not to see. I don’t like it and I try not to do it. Just to try and give you specifics about what you can and cannot do I’d like to refer to an earlier post because I received a comment there that crosses the line.

I do not think that the poster intended to offend or upset anyone, but I also think that it is important to be clear about where the boundaries are. Here is my response to that comment and some additional responsa:

“You are welcome to post here all you want but I have to tell you that this is a no proselytization zone.

I am a deeply committed Jew. I respect your beliefs and I expect mine and that of my readers to be respected and that means that there is no Jesus talk on this blog.

I found happiness without him as have many others. I believe in multiple paths to G-d and I also am highly antagonistic towards people who witness.

I find it offensive.

I want to clarify that I do not think that it is your intention to offend, but that is what happens when you engage in witnessing.

And I can speak on behalf of many who feel the same way.

So like I said you are welcome and invited to post and hang out as long as you can do so without going to that place.”

There may come a time in which it makes sense to discuss religion. It may be appropriate to compare philosophy and doctrine, but this blog will never be a place in which missonaries can roam freely as missionaries. I won’t accept it. If that upsets or offends people they can find other places to hang out.

As I mentioned before I think that it is important to incorporate and include people of different backgrounds and viewpoints, but there is a way of doing so that allows for dialogue and that is what I am interested in.

Thank you for your time and help with this.



Dictator of the Shack

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