The Hypocrisy of Abbas

This story is yet another reason why I am growing more and more strongly opposed to the disengagement. Isn’t it interesting how they suddenly have developed an ability to cooperate and are doing what they can to keep things calm.

It is a complete sham.

Palestinian force prepares to deploy around Gaza

“GAZA CITY (AFP) – Palestinian security forces were getting ready to deploy around settlements in the Gaza Strip as preparations for Israel’s pullout accelerated one week before the start of the evacuation.

Palestinian security sources said a 5,000-strong force was being assembled to ensure that the pullout, due to begin on August 17, takes place free of violence after an appeal for calm by Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas.

“Forces from the national security branch and the police will be deployed at the start of the week in the zones bordering the Israeli settlements and by the roads used by settlers leading to the green line (border into Israel),” one senior official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“Some members of the national security branch have already taken up positions in some of these areas and they are going to receive significant reinforcements in preparation for the start of the Israeli pullout.”

The source said the deployments had been agreed on after coordination talks between Israeli and Palestinian security officials.

Both Israeli and Palestinian security sources said the main task of the Palestinian force would be to prevent rocket attacks by militants from groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad during the pullout.

A total of around 5,000 security personnel, drawn from a number of Palestinian security branches, are expected to take part in the operation.

In a speech to the Palestinian parliament on Tuesday, Abbas appealed for the pullout to take place in a “civilized manner” in order to strengthen the case for independence and reiterated calls for an end to the rocket firing.”

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