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I am huge fan of sushi. I eat it as often as I can which these days is not all that often. In part that is due to the cost as well as the challenges of what to do with my children.

This evening I stumbled across a blogger who had a meal at a place that I have been meaning to try. My mouth watered reading about Sushi Sasbune.

Just in case you are wondering I have probably eaten at somewhere around 16 or 17 different Sushi bars around the city. I have hit about 3 of the places on this list. Just two on this one.

I have always wanted to eat at Sushi Nozawa, but haven’t made it there. Another place on Sushi Row that I want to hit is called Katsu-ya. I have a lot of friends who do nothing but rave about this place.

The truth is that I hate fighting the crowds for a seat. When you combine that with a very large selection of very good sushi bars and you have the reason why I haven’t been to these joints. I’ll get there, but there is no need to rush.

Anyway, it is time to get some shuteye. More on this to come at a later date.

P.S. The best sushi I have had has been in Hawaii. No real suprise there.

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