It is a Small World- Jewish Geography

This past June I wrote a brief post about Jewish Geography and how the world is much smaller than it appears to be. For the slackers who are too lazy to use the link you can think of Jewish Geography as being a game that Jews play with other Jews we have just met in which we try to figure out who we know in common.

I usually find a common connection quickly because I spent so many years working/playing in Jewish groups. Summers at Ramah in California and Canada, years of USY, Hebrew High School, friends in NCSY, NFTY, AZYF, and more and a number of other organizations have all made it easy to find someone in common.

And within the blogosphere I have found people that I know or connections between myself and other bloggers.

But sometimes the connections lead to places that are less comfortable. Sometimes you find that you have a line between you and someone else that delivers you to places that you’d rather not be.

Today I read about a young soldier who was seriously injured in Israel. I have family and friends in Israel so I am already sensitive to things that happen there, but when you encounter this through a fellow blogger it can impact you as well, and it has.

It reminded me again about people I knew such as Marla Bennett that lost their lives through unnecessary acts of violence. And again I am reminded of ripples in a pond. Sometimes the world can be a very small place.

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