Reader Feedback- What you Told Me

Hello all,

As always I have received a plethora of proclamations provided by participating plebians. Actually plebian is not an appropriate term, but I was enjoying myself and needed another ‘p’ word.

Within the past week I have received comments and email regarding the posts here on this blog and wanted to share some that caught my eye.

On the Speculation on Sharon’s Thoughts thread Q Said:

“I don’t think we’ll see peace in the Middle East in our lifetime, Jack.

If anyone thinks the disengagement is going to buy peace, they’re going to be sadly disappointed. The best one can hope for is that the disengagement will position Israel strategically for subsequent developments (military and political).”

I am in agreement with him, but with resignation. It really is a sad comment.

Stacey agreed with me regarding Frist and Intelligent Design:

“I’m with you on this issue. I think it’s total bunk. I was so excited when Frist broke party with his stem cell support. But this is disappointing.”

But Jim from Tulsa disagreed saying in an email:

“Evolution is an unproven theory. What does it hurt to expose people to multiple viewpoints.”

A number of posters commented on the Work Linked To Brain Damage post.

Cindra shared the following:

“My family already has a inherited brain degenerative disease in our genes – Huntington’s. I can tell you that, as a teacher, I can understand the connection. Aside from the humerous explanations, many of the older schools have asbestos, to say nothing of chalk dust, which has gone by the wayside. It would be interesting to see if these numbers change as asbestos is removed and chalk is no longer used.”

I appreciated the insight. Call me slow, but I had forgotten about chalk dust and asbestos.

A number of readers wrote me about the All It Takes is a Good Hug and A little Love and the One More Post- A Good Hug posts.

They confirmed that there are a large number of people who are in need of a good hug. Share a little love with those around you.

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