Egypt vows to work for full Palestinian ‘liberation’

Of course no one mentions that Egypt occupied Gaza from 1948-67. At no time did they ever offer the land to anyone. Strange how things work, or perhaps not so strange.

GAZA CITY (AFP) – A senior Egyptian envoy told the Palestinian parliament that Cairo would work “hand in hand” with the Palestinians for an end to Israel’soccupation of all territory seized in 1967.”

I have the pleasure of being with you to convey the congratulations of President (Hosni) Mubarak and his commitment that we stay hand in hand with you until all Palestinian territory, in the West Banknd as well as Gaza, is liberated,” Egypt’s intelligence chief Omar Suleiman said on Tuesday.

He was addressing Palestinian MPs on behalf of Mubarak during a visit aimed at shoring up a de facto Palestinian militant truce and discussing border crossings after Israel’s landmark pullout from the Gaza Strip.

He said Egypt supported Palestinian efforts towards “the complete and total freedom of land occupied in 1967 to pave the way to the creation of a Palestinian state that will take its place in the Arab nation.”

“Our security cannot be guaranteed while you are being threatened. We cannot rejoice while you suffer. We will not be silent until you have recovered your legitimate rights,” he added.

Suleiman also said Egypt would work together with the Palestinians “to bring an end to the suffering which has lasted for so long” and in order to assure the “territorial and human links” between Gaza and neighbouring Egypt.”

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