Time Slips Away From Me

I don’t know about you, but I have bad habit of puttering around doing different things. The problem with this is that time just slips away from me. What I am talking about is how I can be well aware that I have a list of things to do and somehow about half of them do not get done because I get involved in little odds and ends around the house.

The computer is a prime offender because I really lose track of time on it. I’ll sit down with the intention of reading the news or blogging for not more than 10 minutes and then find out that it turned into an hour.

I’ll go to the gym planning on playing a couple of games of pickup ball for not more than 45 minutes and suddenly three hours have gone by.

I’d list more examples but the 25 minutes I allocated for this session is now 222,233 minutes and I am late.

See you later.

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