FEMA director Brown resigns

This is not a surprise and is something that absolutely had to happen.

“NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown, under fire over his qualifications and what critics call a bungled response to Hurricane Katrina, resigned Monday, senior administration sources told CNN.

Brown was recalled Friday to Washington and replaced as the point main for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff named Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad Allen to head Katrina relief efforts.

A senior administration official said Friday that President Bush approved Chertoff’s decision.”

And now we shall see what the commission of inquiry discovers about the response to this hurricane. I am hopeful that it is a transparent process and that it leads to much needed improvements in FEMA and the state/local government response process to disasters of any sort.

In short, I want to see that we learned from our mistakes so that they are not repeated.

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