Soul Mates

I have received a ton of feedback regarding my story about Daniel and Anne, but I cannot say that I was surprised.

I think that there are a ton of people who are interested in determining what makes people soul mates and how in turn they can find their own because in a world that at times can seem dark and scary we often search for someone to hold our hand and keep us company in the dark.

If you were to ask me what my thoughts are about this I suppose that I could offer quite a bit, but then again I am not known for brevity. But in my limited experience I would offer a few comments to the men.

Women are far more simple then we make them out to be. Love them, love them, love them and you will get back more than you give. And a central part of that is figuring out how to get into her head. Figure out what makes her tick, what drives her and speak with her about it. Listen to her thoughts and share a few of your own and you can begin to build a foundation of trust.

I know that much of this sounds new agey and hokey and I am sure that some of you are rolling your eyes, we are all different and not everyone responds to the same thing, but some things do translate to larger percentages of people.

One is that as a group we men do not communicate as well with women as they would like. To quote my father I’ll lay dollars to donuts (dad, that still makes no sense to me) that if you really make an effort to really speak with women you will find many to be very receptive and you can still do this in way that retains your masculinity.

The goal as I said is to get inside her head and to establish that deeper level of trust.

For women I would say that you have to remember that men are placed in a hard position. We receive so many different messages and one of the primary ones is that we must stuff our emotions down into a little box. If you can help him feel comfortable sharing those inner thoughts you will find that he speaks to you in the way that you are searching for.

Ok, so what have I really said about soul mates and how does this all relate. Well, I am not sure that I have really offered anything but I think that if you are going to find that person we all seek you have to place yourself in a position in which you are receptive to meeting him/her and the only way that I know to make that happen is to open the door to being hurt/rejected so that you can find that one person that makes your skin tingle.

Take it from Daniel and Anne:

“One kiss. One touch. One man and one woman and nothing will ever be the same. You know it and I know it and we live it.”

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  1. Lil Bit September 23, 2005 at 11:27 am

    Good insight, Jack.

    I volley between the notions:
    1. We have more than 1 soul-mate.
    2. We have no soul-mate. It’s just a fantasy we as a species created to help us feel less lonely as we go through this thing called Life.

    I tend to lean towards the first view.

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