Hot Dog

Later on I hope to spend a few minutes writing about my thoughts on the new year. In the interim allow me to share with you a contest that I am considering entering. It is a hot dog eating contest to be help next week. I am mulling this over because it sounds like fun but I suspect that I may hate myself afterwards.

Here is a brief blurb.

“I just got an email from the fine folks at The Stand, and they will be staging a fabulous Hot Dog-A-Thon as part of the “Taste of Encino” festivities on Sunday, October 9th at 1pm. Grand prize in the competitive eating event is $500 and each of the lucky competetors will receive a $100 Stand gift certificate redeemable for some of the best tubesteaks in Los Angeles. The Stand’s CEO, Murray Wishengrad says that they are going all out to make this the biggest blow-out the LA hot dog scene has ever seen. He hopes to make it an annual event, so the humble hot dog will be honored in perpetuity.

In order to compete, you have to be over the age of 18, and you need to fill out an entry form before the contest begins. Entrants will be chosen at random. The 12 minute competition will involve a variety of dogs… including The Stand’s famous chili dog, BBQ dog and kraut dog. Yes, these dogs are loaded! None of that namby pamby “just a dog and a bun” stuff like in Coney… We’re talkin’ real eatin’ here!”

I’ll keep you all posted about whether I choose to enter or dog it.

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  1. Melliferous Pants October 6, 2005 at 6:38 am

    How can you not?!

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