The Angels Lost- The Big Bang

Just a couple of random notes before I head off to slumber through the night. The Angels lost to the White Sox. It was a sad day.

Anyone with a head for baseball knows that the Sox are cursed. They took the evil money and that was it. Somewhere Shoeless Shoe’s spectre is stirring, he is restless and he will not allow them to win the series.

Vlad Guerrero was a non-entity. How sad.

I am trying to remember if I heard a loud noise when my car hit the other one. I saw it spin, but I really don’t remember if there was a noise. The radio was off and I know that I didn’t yell or scream.

I am a little sore today, but nothing too bad. It feels a bit like I just played a couple hours of tackle football.

Speaking of football I am getting killed in my pool. Last time around I won, but this season there is no magic in these fingers.

My daughter calls me “da da.” She yells it and runs to me as fast as those little legs will move. I am so in love.

My son wants to know if I broke the other car. He says that I am so big that I could smash it with one hand. Of course he also told me that Scooby Doo and Shaggy could help fix my car, so perhaps I shouldn’t take him too seriously.

One of the guys in shul told me that he was repenting for getting caught making love to his wife. His six year-old boy walked in the room and told him that he had to stop hurting mommy or that he would get in trouble.

I didn’t want anymore details so I have nothing more to share with you other than I suggested that he get a lock for the bedroom door.

I feel a bit out of sorts. I hate not having a car. There are parts of LA that are commuter friendly but the areas that I haunt are not among them.

This story caught my eye:

New Planetoid Discovery Sets Off Feud

“LOS ANGELES – The discovery of a new planetoid has set off a bitter feud between American and Spanish scientists while raising questions about the ethics of Internet research.

The dispute began in July when Michael Brown, a professor at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, discovered a new planetoid in the solar system known as the Kuiper Belt.

Days before announcing his discovery, however, a group of Spanish astronomers claimed the new planetoid.

American researchers said they learned that the Spanish scientists had discovered where Brown was aiming a Chilean telescope by using an Internet search engine.

“This is a wake-up call for scientists,” Brown said.

Scientist Jose Luis Ortiz says he and his researchers did nothing wrong and the data found using the Google search engine should be considered public and thus free to use.

“If somebody uses Google to find publicly available information on the Internet and Google directs to a public Web page, that is perfectly legitimate,” Ortiz wrote in an e-mail to the Los Angeles Times that the newspaper cited Sunday.

The object at the center of the dispute, which is about 1,000 miles in diameter, had been photographed numerous times in the past, but no one had realized it was a planetoid.”

Not very cool, something about that stinks. Anyway, I am sore and cranky. See you all in the AM.

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