The Odyssey To Purchasing a Honda Odyssey

This past July I wrote about my encounter with The Car Salesman. It was followed up by another post about the process and then silence because in the end the decision was made to put off purchasing a new car until some time in 2006.

However G-d laughs when we plan. I was given a brief reminder about this during this past weekend. And because someone, something or the aliens in the sky think that I am funny they made my life more interesting today.

During my lunch hour the family drove me over to the car rental joint so that while I am without my own vehicle I could obtain transportation. In a crazy comedy of errors the rental dealer managed to take the car I was going to rent and backed it right into my wife’s car.

WTF. It was a very small bump and wouldn’t have been a big deal except that the guy driving the car pretended that the collision didn’t happen and started to walk away. Add a couple more ingredients to this mix, being rain and a screaming child whose voice could shatter windows and you can imagine how much fun you missed.

In any case I am now driving a fancy-shmancy (that’s clevelandish for those who appreciate linguistics) Chevy Malibu until the two insurance companies can get their acts together and finalize the disposition of the old Honda Accord that used to serve as my chariot.

I am working with them to see that this is handled quickly and efficiently. Watch out car dealer dude, I am a coming for you.

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