Blessings and Thanksgiving

I hesitated before I began writing this post. Too many cliches and too many others writing trite comments about how thankful they are for this and that. In the end I decided to do so because I have much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for having three grandparents, for my parents, children and family. I am thankful for opportunity, for dreams that have been fulfilled and for those that will be. I am thankful for summer days, for lazy days at the beach, for friends I love and who love me. I am grateful for having the good fortune and luck to be born in such an amazing time and place.

I am thankful for knowing what it is to love with all of my heart, for knowing unbounded passion and unbridled lust. I am thankful for being exposed to beautiful music, for the sun and the moon and for endless blue skies. I am thankful for life.

Happy Thanksgiving- may it be filled with warmth and love for all of us.

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