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Adweek by way of Yahoo reports the following:

“Hershey’s is the most powerful brand among U.S. consumers ages 13-49, followed by M&M’s, Reeses and Oreo. Is it any wonder, then, that Atkins was the least-liked among 1,079 brands surveyed, according to “BrandPower,” a new study conducted by Genius Insight, New York.

“Dieting does not have positive connotations—it’s about sacrifice,” said Paul Jenkins, partner, Genius Insights. “What’s not to like about candy? At the end of the day, it’s comforting.”

The “BrandPower” survey, now in its sixth year, contacted some 2,900 people online over the course of six months, ending Nov. 15, and asked them to rank brands based on likability and awareness, respectively. It then averaged those numbers, along with demographic factors, to come up with the final rankings. The survey also ranked brands by several demographic categories, including race, sex and three age groups: 13-20, 21-33 and 34-49-year-olds.

No. 5 overall in the “BrandPower” survey was Sony. Though the company has been taking its lumps in terms of global profits, Sony still dominates consumers’ minds, placing top among non-food brands, ranking No. 1 among men 13-49 and No. 3 in likability.

The rest of the top 10 includes, in order, Kellogg, Kleenex, Kraft, Nestle and Google.”


“Another brand that faces challenges, at least based on those surveyed, is Levi’s. The jeans brand ranked No. 4 overall among consumers age 34-49 and No. 39 overall. However, it was No. 70 among 21-33-year olds and dropped to No. 82 among the 13-20 demographic. “They’ve thrown a lot of money and creativity at those groups, but it’s not sticking,” said Jenkins. “It’s a strong brand, but it’s not where it should be.”

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  1. Z November 29, 2005 at 1:55 pm

    I remember when it was the only game in town.

    Hershey…now that’s an example of clever marketing. Just visit Hershey, PA…the sweetest place on Earth. They have truly made it Pennsylvania’s candy.

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