Reader Feedback- She Thinks that I am a Boy Part 2

In part one of this series I regaled you with the interesting and informative email I received from a reader who has an obsession with yours truly. Now I present to you the newest remark.


Only a sick little boy like you would post someone’s private email to you, although I am not offended at all nor surprised. You are very troubled and need some serious therapy. After looking at your blog briefly, I can only say that I am not surprised that you are such
a loser in life.

Why don’t you post your mother’s phone number so that I can call her.

Lynne “Susan Gold”berg
Boca Raton, Florida

My dear Lynne “Susan Gold”berg I am ever so happy that you decided to reply to my post, but I must admit that I am sorely disappointed that you didn’t do so by posting here.

It is gratifying to see that you are so attracted to me that you cannot stay away, especially in light of the text that Bill provided from one of your dear Irwin. Surely you understand that by making contact with me you opened yourself up for analysis.

I am sure that it makes you feel good to call me sick and troubled. If I had embarrassed myself as badly as you have I might want to lash out as well. I might even publish your email for no other reason then I can. It is silly and juvenile but that seems to fit with your modus operandi.

If it pleases you by all means email me or post insults here as I enjoy reading your petty attempts. Perhaps you might even offer something of substance that we can discuss, but chances are that a member of Mensa such as yourself is too advanced for me.

One more thing, will you marry me. I am down on one knee begging you. Please, please do me the honor of being my bride or groom, Lynne is one of those gender neutral names. However I am game for anything, so what do you say.

Will you marry me on a bus? Will you marry me on a train or while walking in the rain? Will you marry me in a car, or sing with me on my guitar.

Oh Lynneeeee Lynn Lynn, you do make me grin. 🙂

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