Eternal Life

Ok, before some of you go off half-cocked this is not about religion but a comment about how many things I want to do, how much life there is to live.

There are so many things to do and so many places to see. There are times when I wish that I could live forever so that I could do these things. It makes me think of Highlander, without the swords of course. On a sidenote, Highlander reminds me that Sean Connery has played a Spaniard and a Russian who just happens to have an accent that sounds somewhat British. Hmm…

See, here is the deal. I want to have time to learn multiple languages. I would be very pleased to speak 14 or 15 fluently. And I’d like to be able to live in a number of different places long enough to really become a part of them, to be there long enough to understand the culture in a way that a passing fancy doesn’t allow.

I’d write hundreds of books, become a Master Smith, an expert marksman and a gourmet chef. I wouldn’t just be a master sommelier, I’d own a hundred vineyards and experiment with many wines. I’d start 10 or 12 breweries and I’d learn how to fly a plane, become an astronaut and become a psychologist so that I could cure Lynne.

And then just for kicks I’d go and live in the wild for years at a time and learn how to really speak with the animals.

There are so many things that I wish that I could do and so little time. Even if I had all of Bill Gates money I’d never have the time to do it all. I can live with that, but I do admit to wishing that I could have a life that lasts longer than 130 years.

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  1. Jack's Shack December 4, 2005 at 5:32 pm

    Whatever it is, 120, 130 or 150 I hope that in the latter days there is a good quality of life.

  2. MC Aryeh December 4, 2005 at 11:02 am

    I would settle for 120. I think you’d be surprised by how many of those things you actually could accomplish! Having dreams yet to fulfill makes life exciting…

  3. Jack's Shack December 4, 2005 at 1:45 am

    I think that we do get the chance to experience all we wish to but perhaps not in one lifetime?

    I like the way that sounds.


    I enjoy cooking.

  4. Neil December 3, 2005 at 2:50 am

    Why bother being a gourmet chef if you can just hire someone to do the cooking while you learn a new language?

  5. Miladysa December 2, 2005 at 11:08 pm

    I love Highlander and Sean.

    I think that we do get the chance to experience all we wish to but perhaps not in one lifetime?

    Thank you for your kind wishes, much appreicated 🙂

  6. Jack's Shack December 2, 2005 at 2:27 pm


    This is true, but I have my own reasons.

  7. Stacey December 2, 2005 at 2:10 pm

    and become a psychologist so that I could cure Lynne

    LOL….she is beyond any cure. The woman (or man) is completely bonkers.

  8. Pragmatician December 2, 2005 at 9:21 am

    Eternal (youht)life, it’s not a new desire it has been going around since the beginning of times.

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