Actors From The 80s

A good friend is in town for the weekend so last night a group of us assembled for a little shinding at his mother’s house. It has been close to year since he was last in LA so it was nice to see him and everyone else. I may blog about that a little later, but right now I want to touch upon a related topic called actors from the 80s.

This arose because during the course of conversation we realized that it is 20 years since we were in Israel together and more than 20 years since a number of the films that marked high school came out.

So the question came up as what actors from that time period have survived the test of time and are still fun to watch now. Here is an incomplete list of those who made it followed by those who did not. Please note that most if not all of them have made some very bad movies, but they include some very good ones too.

  1. Tom Hanks
  2. John Cusack
  3. Kevin Bacon
  4. Clancy Brown- Ok, more of a bit player but he was the Kurgan. 😉
  5. Sean Penn- Don’t like his politics but I love Spicoli.
  6. Nicholas Cage
  7. Tom Cruise- Pre-wackout days.

And now off the top of my head a list of actors/actresses whose careers have totally tanked or are very close to it.

  1. Bill Paxton
  2. Charlie Sheen
  3. Emilio Estevez
  4. Jon Cryer
  5. Judd Nelson
  6. Molly Ringwald
  7. Rob Lowe
  8. Ally Sheedy
  9. Paul Gleason- Ok, he at best was a bit actor.

These lists may be adjusted or reworked. What do you think. Do you have anything to add to this?

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