Foolish Threats

Hi Folks,

I received the following comment on 15 different posts. I am going to post it in its entirety one time so that you can see the foolishness of the person who is posting these remarks.

They think that harrassment is an appropriate response for dealing with people who disagree with them. It is kind of a funny thing. She/he started by complaining that I didn’t agree with an opinion piece one of her favorite writers produced.

I replied to her email and blogged about it and she grew upset with me and her letters and comments have grown progressively nastier in which she/he has accused me of being a wife beater and child abuser.

She has attempted to upset me by making specious threats in which she says that she is going to turn me into the proper authorities. But she has also said that if I apologized she would relent.

What this tells all of us is that not only are we dealing with a sick individual but that they do not really believe that there is any abuse going on here because if they did they would go ahead and report that.

In any case these antics are typical of those of a person who has no facts to support their allegations. There is no substance to the claim so they yell and scream and hope that amidst the cacophony no one notices that the emperor is naked.

So here you go Lynne/Susan/Max, whoever you really are. Go ahead and enjoy your time in the limelight.

And for those who are curious about the ranting of the mentally imbalanced I present the following.

Shavua Tov everyone!

This guy Jack is a fraud. He is an embarrassment to Torah values, Yiddishkeit and Judaism. Not only is he a mean, dangerous man, but I think anyone who wastes their time reading his pathetic Blog, should first be aware of the email exchange we had ( which I have posted below).

He claimed he would post our “total” email exchange and of course never did so. I plan to report him to the proper authorities for what may be going on in his home. He wouldn’t know Shalom Bayis, if it hit him on the head!

Of course a public apology to me and his fellow bloggers by noon on Monday, December 5th, 2005 would be enough for me to find the compassion to drop this matter. Otherwise, you will read about it or see it on CNN!

Lynne Goldberg–Juris Doctor, LL.B.


My Dear Lynne,

I am really impressed by your diligence and desire to
engage me, for that matter I wish to become engaged with you.

A man of your intellect should not be locked away onsome leper colony but paraded around and displayed as befitting his needs.

I am almost ready to put up my new post but I need
your help. I really need you to comment on one of the first two because no one believes that you are a real person.

If you could help me prove to them that you are not
some fabrication of your mind I would really
appreciate it.

All my love,


Lynne Gold wrote:

Attention: Little Jack Sprat, the child beater,

Where can I find my letter posted on your blog? I am
being up front with you and sending it to child services in LA. If you think I am kidding , you watch

You are a typical liberal who gets all hot and
bothered because of deserved personal attacks on

Well, of course I am going to criticize and attack
you personally after you beat your own child. Exactly
who would you like me to blame and attack for that evil?

Society? Your parents? The drugs you may take?
Pressures at work? I know. It is not your fault that
you hit a 4 year old!

And by the way, I am not impressed with who you
think you know;You are an embarrassment to Torah values, Judaism and Hashem. When I showed my husband your blog, he said, “This is a man who is totally untalented, morally confused and cannot write for any website, so he posts his own worthless garbage.”

For you to write about Judaism or Israel, is like
Louis Farrakhan writing about those subjects. You
are ignorant, besides being a child beater. Your mother must be spinning in her grave.

By the way, how come I don’t see my last letter on really pushed a button with the childbeating thing, so I will not stop unless I am certain they are safe. It is one of my passions–the protection of children.

Lynne Goldberg

Jack Benimble

Hi Lynne,

I am pressed for time right now but am happy to
respond briefly. Your continued personal attacks
demonstrate that I do indeed have your number.

I look forward to blogging about this later this
evening. Foolish threats make you look more
foolish than you already do.


Lynne Gold wrote:

Oh Jack, you poor little boychik,

Calling a well known writer and speaker who you do
not even know a “lunatic,” I guess that is “not” a
personal attack. Why don’t you listen to your own
rhetoric and learn what the mitzvot are all about?

Your blog is a total waste of time. I spent a
few minutes looking at it and it showed me a very
troubled man who has no respect of his own mishpacha’s privacy, so he writes bad things about little children.

Frankly, from what I have briefly read, you
should be arrested for child abuse and I just may forward your waste of a blog link to social services in California.

What are you getting your kids involved, you
disturbed, troubled man? Calling a little boy “your finest work” as if he is a bicycle you manufactured;
Hashem is very angry with you for thinking you
are the Creator you abusive, sick man. What did your poor little son do to deserve his father beating him? Most probably, he did not want to eat the chulent your wife overcooked on Shabbat, because you bother her too much.

To call a 4 year old “obstinate, insubordinate,” and
to say that “corporal punishment would
straighten him out,” well Jack, you should be in prison for such physical abuse. You are a real meshuganah.

The Talmud teaches us that we should not air our
dirty laundry in public (especially about our mishpacha), and you are posting all of this laundry on the Internet for Kol Haolam to see. Don’t you have any shame? Your Yetzer Hara has taken over your entire body!

Now that I think of it, I really do believe that social investigate your serious mistreatment of the children. I have a lawyer friend who is a Child Advocate and I will now turn this matter over to him. You can expect to hear from the proper authorities at some point in the future.

How dare you complain in your stupid blog that your yeled and yaldah have “tired you out so much” and
you “have no time for yourself” (you selfish putz),
and now you have “lost your patience”–oy gevalt, I feel so bad for you! I think you are the type of man
who should have never been blessed with the bracha
of yeladim.

Perhaps in a new foster situation, these two
lovely children will learn to say the Shma every night
before they go shlufin and have real parents who will appreciate this incredible miracle from Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

I am sorry, but it is really for your son and daughter’s benefit. You are a very scary man. I
respectfully suggest you give some tzdakah and do
tshuvah immediately. Your poor Ayshes Chayil. Do
you hit her as well?

Lynne Goldberg

Jack Benimble


Only a sick and twisted individual would get off on
the moronic rantings of a silly lunatic like
your lover Irwin.

I encourage you to keep writing me because I intend to use your emails as more fodder for more



Only a sick little boy like you would post someone’s
private email to you, although I am not offended at
all nor surprised. You are very troubled and need some
serious therapy. After looking at your blog briefly, I
can only say that I am not surprised that you are such
a loser in life.

Why don’t you post your mother’s phone number so that
I can call her.

Lynne “Susan Gold”berg
Boca Raton, Florida

Hi Lynne,

I am going to give you a seat of honor at my blog as
I am going to share your comments with my readers.
I do invite you to respond.

Hugs and kisses


Dear Jack

I happened to come across your blog and was especially interested in what you had to say about one of my favorite writers, Irwin Graulich, who wrote an article
about Jews and Christmas. All I can say is that I
would bet a fair amount of money that you are not
married. Your foolishness shows that you have not
grown up and are still a little boy inside.

That is why you still get called up to the Torah as a
“bachur”–a little boy. Your immaturity and lack of
common sense was obvious in everything you wrote about
Mr. Graulich’s brilliant piece. It gave me and a
friend of mine a very good laugh. It was actually
better than Comedy Central.

Keep masturbating at your computer Jackie boy, because
no decent girl will ever have you for long. You are
just a big bad joke.

I guess your little Yiddishe mama did not do such a
good job! She certainly isn’t getting any naches from

Susan Goldberg
Boca Raton, Florida

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  1. Stephen (aka Q) December 5, 2005 at 1:23 pm

    I’m looking forward to seeing you on CNN, Jack. Let me know when it’s likely to be broadcast — I don’t usually watch American news.

  2. Anonymous December 5, 2005 at 8:13 am


    It is clear that this poor person is sick. I know how to help you and am emailing my information to you.

    I have the technical knowledge to show you how to track them and how to make use of that information so that if necessary it can be introduced into court as proof of their cyberstalking and harrassment of you.


  3. Jack's Shack December 4, 2005 at 5:36 pm


    They really are confused.


    You have got it.


    Nope, this meshuganeh is for real.


    A degree in catalog shopping. That is funny.

  4. -Ann December 4, 2005 at 8:40 am

    LLB? Is that like LL Bean? She has a degree in catalog shopping?

    In Ireland, the penalty for making a malicious and specious report of child abuse is 1 year in a jail and a fine. (has to be malicious – if you’re just mistaken with good intentions, then you can’t be sued civilly).

  5. Ezzie December 4, 2005 at 6:29 am

    I still think Jack’s making this one up. Nobody can be THAT dumb. 😛

  6. Stacey December 4, 2005 at 2:26 am

    So not only is he/she is complete headcase, he/she is also a TOTAL liar!

  7. Irina Tsukerman December 4, 2005 at 1:55 am

    This is obviously not a mentally healthy person. Multiple identities? And the signature “juris doctor” is very unusual. Usually lawyers sign “esquire” or, if, they have a Masters in Law, LLM. Writing Juris Doctor is like writing “BA”. No one does that. : S This is weird.

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