Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

I don’t know about you but I have been inundated with passwords. Let’s take a brief look at the passwords of my life.

  1. The ATM.
  2. Checking and Savings Accounts.
  3. Retirement accounts.

On a side note it would be nice if these accounts actually had some cash in them, but I digress. Time to resume the list.

  1. 27 email accounts each have a separate password.
  2. A password for the product that contains all of my passwords.
  3. My gym locker.
  4. The alarm code/password.
  5. A password to access the computer.
  6. Cellphone, office and homephone voicemail passwords.

In short I have accumulated 1,654,365 passwords. And because I am concerned about theft I have been careful to make sure that each and every one is unique. For a while I used just one word, password to serve as a universal pass key. But I got rid of it, not because I was afraid of someone discovering it but because I couldn’t remember it.

How crazy is that. I can remember the 1,654,365 individual passwords but not something as simple as password. So you might be interested in learning how I determine what is going to be my password. Well the answer is simple, I use a complex algorithm developed by The Shmata Queen and refined by yours truly to provide myself with a subset of digits that have been applied to the Euclidean hyperbola theory first extrapolated and postulated by Da Vinci and Galileo.

More to come.

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