Blogging for Me or For Awards

Hark all ye faithful and hope to be triumphant at winning an award. I have a comment about said awards. I don’t claim to be endowed with any more wisdom than anyone else but I have been endowed with a blog and the ability to type fast and furiously or alternatively slow and smiling. Does it really matter how I type or how fast. Probably not.

I am currently part of the Weblog awards. In my particular division there are 15 blogs entered. We are all competing with each other for a title of something or other. To be honest I am not exactly sure what we win if we win at all.

For that matter I really do not expect to win because I am well behind the leaders. In this election I am playing the role of the Green party. I have a following that has thrust their support behind me but it is not large enough to be noticed by the leaders, I am not even Ralph Nader.

But I am ok with that because unlike a number of others I haven’t rallied the troops, I haven’t come to the readers of this blog to ask for your votes because I do not want to campaign. I want my blog to stand on its own merit, more or less. That is not to say that the others are or are not just that I do not feel the need or desire to beg for votes.

Going a step further and even farther than before I have no problem admitting that I nominated my own blog. I did it because I was curious to see if I would even place and if so, discover where. I also admit to being human and having hope that I would win because it would be nice, but I don’t blog for accolades, I do it because I enjoy it.

And that brings me to my next point/comment/babble in which I bring up the JIBs. The JIBs are more important to me. Frankly I like them more because it is a community that I really identify with. I love being Jewish and am a proud Zionist.

I think that one of the most important things we can do as Jewish/Israeli bloggers is help to provide a better understanding of we are to ourselves and to the world at large. The Jewish community is seen by many outsiders as being a bit of bloc in mentality and action. Since many are not acquainted or involved with us they haven’t any clue as to the various divisions that exist and of the internecine fighting that sometimes takes place.

These awards help to improve awareness and to make it possible for people to take a look at us whomever we are and gain a better understanding that we are people like them. It is a humanizing factor. It helps to provide a polish and warmth and that I think is worth a lot.

To those that hate us it may not make a difference but to others, well, who knows.

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  1. Aussie Dave December 13, 2005 at 8:43 am

    Nice, Jack.

    I may have to appoint you Chief JIBS Liason Officer next year. 🙂

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