Trolling for Women- A Message to Men

Boys of the blogosphere, lend me your ears. I have important news to share with you. Some of you are trying every trick in the book to get the attention of women.

You see a female blogger and you do all that you can to try and ingratiate yourself to her. Maybe you compliment her writing, feed her ego about her picture etc.

Some of you have come up with some beautiful words that you share with the lovely ladies in which you email and profess your undying love/desire/need for them.

But there is a problem. Some of you are really sloppy and forget to BCC all of the girls when you send them notes. So instead of that one special woman receiving a note there is a list of 25 who get the email that talks about fairytales and castles.

And some of you forget that some of the ladies you write have a field day showing their friends. Yep, I have seen some of those notes. I have heard some of the stories and it confirms that some people will say/do anything if they think that it will get them somewhere.

Not very smooth or impressive if you ask me.

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