Bob Denver is not related to John Denver

This is a special note to the woman who successfully escaped from the mistake by the lake to the midst of the bible belt.

If you haven’t figured out who she is you don’t read this blog all that often. So I’ll help you out by saying that she had a clever post called Helen Reddy Or Ruth Buzzi.

And now we bring to you Bob Denver is not related to John Denver.

Bob and John were both multitalented starring in multiple shows such as Oh God, John Denver & the Muppets: Rocky Mountain Holiday,Gilligans Island, and Far Out Space Nuts among others.

But at one point in time there was a plan to produce a couple of television shows starring the two of them together. There was Denver and Denver in which they were to play a pair of odd couple brothers who solved crimes.

And then there was the failed cooking show Denver Omlette, as well as a special variety show in which John was to sing and Bob was going to tell jokes and dance.

Sadly due to the vagaries of network television neither of these fine performers ever managed to live their shared dream of mutual starhood based upon joint television success and now all we have to do is wonder what could have been.

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  1. Jack's Shack says:

    Yep, kind of sad.

  2. Kind of shocking this never came together…

  3. I loved them both. Sadly, neither is with us any longer. 🙁

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