Misguided Notion about War

So the comments and criticisms continue to fly from around the blogosphere. Old Jack is a mean old man who refuses to say Merry Xmas and because of this I have been called Scrooge, asshole, jerk and accused of being Anti Christ.

Personally I would prefer to be the AntiChrist in which case I would squash like bugs those 17 of you who make silly comments about what I term an imaginary war on Xmas.

Now before you begin frothing at the mouth I want to address a couple of points and ask some questions.

I dislike using the term war because I think that it is important not to devalue or cheapen words unnecessarily. Not to mention that right now there are thousands of men and women in the armed forces who are truly at war and harms way.

They are mothers/fathers/sisters and brothers and some of them are coming home in body bags. It doesn’t seem right to me to use a term like war for a cultural squabble.

It also seems strange to me that people are upset because Johnny the clerk at Target that you never met before doesn’t say Merry Xmas. How does this negatively impact you and in light of all the people who have real trouble what is the significance here.

Because in truth this seems really insignificant. And as far as Johnny the clerk at Target goes there is nothing saying that you cannot wish them a Merry Xmas or all of the people around you.

Unless you live in a community that has some sort of community bylaws regarding how you can paint/decorate your home there is no reason why you cannot erect a creche on your front lawn or decorate in some fashion.

There are entire neighborhoods filled with Xmas decorations. You can’t get away from it. The malls and radios are filled with Xmas music and there is a federal holiday on which most people will be on holiday yet people claim that there is a war on Xmas.

I don’t get it and I don’t believe it. I just don’t. Want to discuss hard times go talk to someone who lost their home in Katrina or the kid whose daddy isn’t ever coming home again. But give this other stuff a rest.

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