Call Me Prude But…

I feel really old saying this, but what the hell are they thinking.

By Stuart Patterson

HOGMANAY revellers are being urged to join in a 31-hour drinking marathon at a nightclub.

The bevvy session will last from 6pm on Hogmanay to 1.30am on January 2.

Boozers will be encouraged to drink cheap shots around the clock and prizes will be handed out for those who can stay standing throughout the promotion.

Apparently I am not the only one who sees a problem.

Last night, nightclub bosses were condemned by politicians and anti-alcohol campaigners who accused them of encouraging binge drinking.

Details of the event, at the Cube nightclub in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, were revealed after a study found nearly 40 people are drinking themselves to death in Scotland every week.

The 31-hour drinking binge will be held in the 300-capacity nightclub thanks to a special licence.”

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  1. Stephen (aka Q) December 26, 2005 at 11:39 pm

    Every so often someone dies on the spot from drinking to excess, due to alcohol poisoning. It’s profoundly stupid to dare people to keep drinking beyond their limits.

  2. Jack's Shack December 26, 2005 at 7:38 pm


    Very true.

  3. Yitzchak Goodman December 26, 2005 at 7:25 pm

    It is funny that this fits with a long-standing stereotype about Scotsmen and drinking.

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