Addicted/Dependent Upon Computers

Do you remember the good old days when you feared a virus for what it might do to you and not your computer. Remember the days of yore in which a defrag meant that you were trying to protect your sergeant or how a Trojan Horse was related to mythology.

I don’t know about you but at some point in time things changed for me and I began to rely upon the computer as more than just a word processor/fancy calculator and it became a way to communicate, pay bills and so much more.

The problem is that I have become far too reliant on the computer and I am not nearly as proficient at repairing it as I would like to be. Fortunately my computer is running now, but not at optimal performance which is why I purchased some software to cure some of those ills.

However, the installation of the cure is not going so well. For that matter it is not working at all and I am not quite clear as to why. I have a few ideas but I think that I am going to test them out tomorrow.

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