Communication Breakdown

I like to think that I am relatively good at communicating my thoughts and feelings, especially in writing.

That is not to say that I do not have room for improvement. Each day I encounter bloggers who are far more eloquent than I am. Each day I read the works of others who consistently write better than I do, who are polished and really are “that funny.”

I admit to having my share of jealousy and blog envy regarding them. It is during these moments that I ask myself why I am blogging. All too often I look at what I have written and want to shred it, or should I say delete it.

But this is all tangential to my main point and that is it drives me crazy when I cannot effectively communicate my thoughts to someone else. It makes me so frustrated to be unable to clearly express my thoughts in a way that they can understand.

Sometimes the problem is that our perceptions are so very different and sometimes it is just because I haven’t really thought it through. That is the nice thing about the blog, it provides a venue for doing so. It offers a place where I can verbalize my thoughts so that I can better understand them and in turn do a better job of communicating them.

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