The JIBs Revisited

An awful lot has been written about the JIBs, much of it criticism. I include myself among those who have offered criticism, but I have also said and still maintain that they are important. Dave deserves thanks for the hard work.

I am going to pick on one of my favorite lurkers and use his comments to make a point.

What good is winning a JIB if the day after the voting is over a blogger is sitting there with 16 readers, no comments and 2 inbound pity links? The point of the JIBs is to increase everyone’s readership while actually recognising those that are really the most widely read in their category.”

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  1. treppenwitz January 27, 2006 at 11:02 am

    Wise words… I’m going to have to start following this guy’s blog! 😉

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