Walk The Line- Random Ramblings

(Playing in the background Jackson- The Essential Johnny Cash 1955-1983 (Box Set)

I really enjoy this song, Johnny and June just had it going on, didn’t they. Life is a kick, isn’t it. You just never know what is going to happen. You can plan and plan and watch all of you hard work go for naught.

I feel like I am in a kayak on a river. It is a class 5 but I am in over my head. I am fighting to stay afloat, dodging rocks and tree branches. It is exhausting work. There is no time to catch your breath, lose your concentration/get distracted and you are going to be dumped in ass over elbow and then you are in for it.

(Playing in the background Matisyahu- Jerusalem)

Ok, I typed and retyped this paragraph at least 17 times. When this happens it is time to hang up the spikes and go to sleep. Prior to doing so allow me to remind you that there are about seven or eight posts that preceded this. Check them out.

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