Break the law and live by a beach

BASTOY PRISON, Norway (Reuters) – The Web site reads like an advertisement for a holiday home.

“Is Bastoy the place for you?” it asks next to photographs of a sunset sparkling off the tranquil waters of the Oslo fjord and horses pulling sleighs over packed snow.

This wooded island could be — if you are a rapist, a murderer, a drug trafficker or have accepted a large bribe.

“We try to take a cross-section of the country’s prison population, not just the nice criminals,” said Oyvind Alnaes, governor of the minimum security prison on Bastoy Island about 46 miles south of the Norwegian capital.

Inmates have included Norway’s most notorious serial killer, Arnfinn Nesset, convicted of murdering 22 elderly people when he was manager of a nursing home in the 1970s. He was freed for good behavior after serving two-thirds of a 21-year sentence.

“A lot of people in Norway say that we treat them (the prisoners) too well because they should be punished. But this is the biggest mistake we have been making since the 1600s. Taking this line makes people bad,” Alnaes said.

“You have to believe people are born good.”

The one square mile island offers its 115 “residents” cross-country skiing, tennis and horse-riding, but before the inmates can slope off to practice their serve or head to the beach for a swim, there is work to do on the farm.

“We want to become the first ecological prison in the world,” Alnaes said. “It’s about giving the inmates responsibility (and) trust, and teaching them respect.”

Alnaes, who wears jeans and t-shirts to work and is known to the inmates as Oyvind, says this model of open prison is the future. In 1997, he gave Bastoy Prison a new slogan: “An arena of the development of responsibility.”

Sounds pleasant to me, not sure that I buy into the philosophy of the place but…

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  1. Jack's Shack March 24, 2006 at 2:01 am

    It does seem kind of screwy, doesn’t it.

  2. Virenda March 23, 2006 at 6:52 pm

    See and I always thought that prison was SUPPOSED to be a punishment. Glad they cleared that up. I can so, see why horseback riding would help turn a hardened murderer into a docile kitten. Genius.

    I’m going to go rob a bank or kill someone, I could really use a vacation.

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