Wonder Woman- When They Weren’t Playing Charlie’s Angels

Back in the days in which my little sister and her friends would play Charlie’s Angels they would sometimes pretend to play Wonder Woman.

Every now and then the girls would ask my friends and I to play with them. These sessions never lasted too long because we couldn’t agree on how to play, or should I say that the girls would get angry because the boys would never let Wonder Woman win.

To us it was a simple thing, we were boys and no girl was ever going to be stronger than we were. It was also a great way to tease the girls. We would start out by going along with them.

Wonder Woman would come and capture us and put us in jail for being the bad guys. We’d let her walk us over to the jail and for about five minutes it would be calm and then the mass jailbreak would hit. In moments there would be shrieks of anger because when Wonder Woman would try to recapture us she would find that her magic lasso (jump rope) and super strength were suddenly useless.

Sadly, since she never was able to jump or run the way that the television version could she was often unable to keep up with us as part of the jailbreak involved climbing trees and jumping over fences.

If we were feeling particularly mischievous it sometimes included imprisioning Wonder Woman and her friends in the secret hideaway found in my sister’s bedroom.

Needless to say after a while my sister and friends found other ways to occup themselves that didn’t involve my friends and I.

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