Convoluted Thinking

Through the magic of Technorati I discovered another blogger who has decided to link to me. I spent a few minutes looking at their blog and wasn’t pleased.

It chaps my hide a bit to have them link to me. This person, who most closely resembles an antisemite but claims to be some kind of progressive noble.

I am not going to provide a link to their site. They will not get any more publicity than this from me. But I did want to comment because the sad reality is that there are bad people out there who are dressing up their hate and spite in royal finery all in the attempt to try and lend it legitimacy that it does not deserve.

This topic deserves more time than I am able to lend to it now. I intend to revisit it and discuss the need for critical thinking and logical analysis. What you see in print is not always factual nor true.

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