Thoughts About My Baby Sister & Life

Songs I listened to while composing the beginning of this post:

Heroes– David Bowie
Distant Early Warning -Rush
Oh Very Young– Cat Stevens
Tomorrow People-Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers

I have more sisters than you can shake a stick at. I am not really sure what that means but Groucho used the expression and I like it. Right now I am too tired to care all that much.

As I sit here typing, the youngest, the baby is in the early stages of labor. Until a short time ago I was with her at the hospital but had to come home because the baby sitter had to go. Our middle sister used to get upset any time she heard the term baby sitter because she took it literally.

So now the baby is giving birth to the baby. How weird, how wild, how crazy. The little girl I remember is grown up. Tonight the BIL finally set aside the false bravado and admitted his fear. Spent time asking questions and looking for advice. I told him that I would be more concerned if he said that he wasn’t scared and then answered most if not all of his questions.

The hard part is that so much of life is just winging it, so there aren’t all that many concrete answers available for the telling.

Burning Love– Elvis
Brazil– The Three Tenors

Little sister is so very different from me. She is much better at just going with what life throws at her than I am. G-d sends a storm and I stand outside screaming “is that all you have got!” Little sister just shrugs her shoulders and makes a cup of tea to drink while she waits for the storm to pass. She is quiet and somewhat demure. Some people misunderstand her reticence for speech for weakness.

She is not weak at all. She possesess a quiet strength and is quite capable of standing her ground. It is kind of funny, BIL likes to talk a good game, but when she presses him he gives, or is compromise the better word.

Just heard from a different sister who is still at the hospital. Baby sister is having more contractions. They are stronger and more frequent, but she is still a long way off. Word is that she probably won’t deliver until after midnight.

In other news last night we had the worst seder I have ever been a part of.It wasn’t any one person’s fault, but it was terrible. I want to say that it was a comedy of errors but it wasn’t ever funny. At one point I thought that if Eliyahu HaNavi showed up I was going to choke him until he agreed to take me with him for the rest of the night.

Ok, crying daughter on my end, got to run for now.

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