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Later this month I am going to celebrate my second blogiversary. Two years of babbling on about this and that. Two years of wandering through the blogosphere. In my mind I see myself as traveling in a similar fashion to the Silver Surfer, but one who has a much better tan.

I haven’t decided if I am going to do anything special to honor the moment. I may or may not, who knows.

On May 9 I am going to turn 37. To some of you I am just a baby, to others a peer and to others an old man. I have to tell you that it feels a bit strange. I certainly am not a kid anymore, but at the same time I feel so very young. I remember being five. It is not that hard to relate to my son.

I look at him with wonder and amazement. He has his mother’s face and bits of her temperament, but his hands and feet are duplicates of my own. I should add that my hands and feet look identical to my father. That is three generations of hands and feet. Don’t know if that means anything.

If he lives to be 130 he may be able to show his great-great grandchildren his hands and feet and amaze them with tales of how his father and grandfather’s feet/hands mirrored his own. G-d willing he’ll have more interesting stories that are of more significance.

For the past two years he has been in a special program in which his classroom instruction is in Hebrew. His comprehension is beautiful and puts me to shame. He told me today that he looks forward to his sister being able to speak “Hebrew just like me and you.” His Hebrew is far superior to my own.

I took it for years, including advanced Hebrew in college. At one point I began to dream in Hebrew but those days are long gone. It makes me sad sometimes to see how far my skills have deteriorated. I am working on improving it, but it is hard.

I remember walking through Hezekiah’s Tunnel. It was that famous summer of 1985. The Lakers had just defeated the hated Celtics and I was riding high. Had a bit of a water fight with the kids from Boston that were just in front of us. I remember yelling in English and Hebrew and trying to think of the Hebrew words for Magic, Kareem and Worthy. Duh!

There are plenty of challenges to being Jewish. I love it and wouldn’t trade it. I am Jewish because I choose to be not because I was born a Jew. Too many people just become whomever they are because they take the path of least resistance. My children are being taught to think about what they believe and why. I want them to be thinking people.

Some of the ongs I have been listening to this evening include:

If You Could Read My Mind– Gordon Lightfoot
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door– Bob Dylan
Twilight Zone– Golden Earring
Autumn In New York– Billie Holiday
Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)– Tony Bennett

New Post coming up in a moment.

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