Stones guitarist has head surgery

“Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has undergone surgery in Auckland, New Zealand, after a fall in Fiji.

The operation was a “complete success” and Richards is up and talking with his family, said a statement from the band.

It said doctors decided to perform a “small operation” to remove pressure after Richards complained of headaches.

Richards, 62, was flown to New Zealand after reportedly falling out of a coconut tree. He was officially said to have suffered “mild concussion”.


The band management said that Richards was feeling well after being examined by doctors at the Ascot Hospital last week.

“However after complaining of headaches yesterday doctors thought it prudent to move ahead with a small operation to remove the pressure,” it said.

The operation took place on Monday morning.”

Sounds awfully similar to Sharon’s procedure.

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  1. tafka PP May 8, 2006 at 9:57 pm

    Except that “Keef” has much more impressive hair than our former Prime Minister.

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