You Asked Me To Blogroll You

Sometimes it makes sense to link to some older comments about recurring issues. And so I bring to you comments from a post I wrote earlier this year.

Obsessed With the Blogroll

If you have been blogging for any length of time you probably have received an email from another blogger asking for you to blogroll them. Sometimes they phrase it differently and offer you a reciprocal link exchange.

Either way the question is still the same, “will you blogroll me?” They want a link on your site that can be used by your readers to find their blog.

I am a bit of a prickly and at times moody fellow so these requests haven’t always fallen upon receptive ears. Sometimes I have just done it and sometimes I don’t even bother to consider it.

I bring this up because in the past two weeks or so I have received requests from several bloggers in which they asked me to blogroll them. In these cases I figured WTF and just did it. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it, I just did it.

And then I waited to see if they blogrolled me and guess what? They didn’t. I gave them some time to get it done and then I just nuked them off of the old blogroll.

Call it petty. Call it juvenile, call it detroit basketball. But it just irked me to receive an email in which someone told me that they liked my blog and wanted to trade links.

I don’t expect or need everyone to like my blog. I hope that many people do and that this leads to me making 17 billion dollars, but I don’t expect or need it to. I just don’t like being lied to.

And now I’ll return to my junior high antics in which I pull your hair, make crank calls and play ding dong ditch.

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