He Is A Lego Master

“CARLSBAD, Calif.–To most Lego fans, Jason Poland became one of the luckiest guys in the world Tuesday.

That’s because Poland, a recent college graduate from Houston, won Legoland California’s national search for a new master model builder, beating out 22 other finalists from throughout the country after two days of sometimes tense, stressful competition.

The 23 have come to Legoland for two days of skill tests and a build-off, all to determine who would be hired as the park’s next master model builder.

A master model builder works in Legoland’s model shop, crafting some of the thousands of models found throughout the theme park. And because Legoland had an open slot in its model shop, it conducted the national search.

Each of the finalists had been selected during regional events in seven cities around the United States. And on Monday, each had taken part in two skill tests–one in which they were given an hour to build a model of a face, and the other in which they had an hour to build an egg. They also had to do a personal interview.

But the bulk of the decision about who would get the master model builder job depended on who did best during Tuesday’s build-off, when each finalist got two hours to craft a model of something they thought would be a good addition for Legoland.

Throughout the competition, one of the judges and several current master model builders walked among the finalists, watching them build and gauging their efficiency and creativity.

But before they even got to the build-off, there were many steps to go through.”

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