Rosh Chodesh Sivan- My Anniversary

The English date was May 23, 1982. It was a bright Sunday morning and I was more than just a little excited. You see, it was my Bar Mitzvah and I was more than a little eager to join the club of grownups with all of the obligations that went along with it.

I remember feeling very old and wondering what had happened to my childhood. I have to giggle and laugh about it.

A couple of months ago while visiting my parents my kids pulled out the photo album from my Bar Mitzvah and spent time looking at the pictures. They didn’t recognize me and for a moment I was surprised but then I reconsidered. It may feel recent to me, but its close to a quarter century and time has worked its magic on me.

I am close to a foot taller and weigh at least 100 pounds more than I did then. Aging does change you, doesn’t it.

The kids spent time looking at all of the table pictures and quizzed me about who the people in the photos were. It was a little disconcerting to realize just how many of those people have died. Entire tables of relatives are gone and to my kids who never met them it is almost as if the never existed.

I can relate. Sometimes it is hard to imagine my parents as having had lives before they became my parents, but I know that they did. Sometimes I wonder how my children will describe me. Sometimes I wonder what stories they will tell, but this is a topic for a separate post.

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