A Blogger’s Confession

Ok, here is a post that really isn’t all that serious. I am here to confess that I check my stats on a regular basis. I look at Technorati fairly frequently. I wonder who that is on my blog that spends hours digging through my posts but never comments.

I often wonder what it is about blogging that attracts us. I mean, I understand it and I can explain it but sometimes I cannot help but wonder. Sometimes I think that my blogging is just a waste of time and that I should use it to do other things.

But than again I compose on the fly and can do it quite rapidly so it is not like I am losing all that much time.

I once ate 62 hardboiled eggs. I did it to beat my friend Luke, didn’t want to spend any time with the man with no eyes.

If I had a hammer I’d hammer in the morning.

Sometimes when people ask me a question I pretend not to hear them and make them ask again. I don’t know why, but then again I have never thought about it.

If I had to choose between being stranded on Gilligan’s Island and living in cleveland I’d pick the island. If I had to be a character on the Island I don’t know who I’d choose, maybe Roy Hinckley.

I don’t like Diet Coke with lemon. I once outran a train. I was driving a ’77 Camaro.

I prefer Captain Kirk to Picard.

A good cookie makes a bad day better.

Wear a Shmata at the Muqata and you might wind up with a Shack.

Endless babbling is a good sign it is time to end a post.

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