How I Judge People Part One

  1. Their words.
  2. Their actions.
  3. Their associates/friends.

In a later post I am going to try and expand upon these ideas, but for now let’s give it a short run. We all judge other people. Judge is a bit of a loaded term because it is frequently used as a way to try and marginalize the position of others.

But the reality is that we do make decisions about others based upon criteria that we have established.

I certainly don’t claim to be any better than anyone else, there is a long list of faults that can be lined up next to my name. But I do try to live by some standards. Here is some more insight.

When I say that I judge people by their words, their actions and their associates it is because I find that these give me decent insight and tools with which I can assess their character.

Words- What do you say? How do you express yourself? Do you keep your promises?

Actions- Do your actions support your words?

Associates- Who do you spend your time with? Are they good people or is it the wrong kind of crowd.

Now I realize that by making this so short I have left a ton of holes and lot of rope with which to hang myself. But I think that it is a good place to start because I want to spend some more thinking about a few of these things and then I’ll come back and expand upon it in part two.

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