The Post I Wanted To Write

The post that I wanted to write is the one in which I elegantly and eloquently laid out my plan for improving the world. It is the one in which you would have been incredibly moved, so much so that you would have made plans to be a part of the solution and then taken action.

The post I wanted to write would have been filled with humor, wisdom and insight about life. It would have made you smile and shake your head in wonder as you tried to figure out how I could make life seem so easy.

The post I wanted to write was the one that would have made me famous. Not because I am desperate for attention but because it would be nice to be placed in a position in which I could leverage this blog into paying for my children’s education and a nice vacation.

The post I wanted to write almost happened but I was too tired, too distracted, too this or that and it just didn’t happen. I won’t say never because I don’t give up.

I am honest in this blog, sometimes to a fault. I am like many other bloggers. I’d like to be read by more people. It would be cool if this became a full time job.

But in the end it doesn’t matter because I don’t get paid now and I blog so what difference would it make.

The post I wanted to write hasn’t happened and it may never happen but I thought that I should share outloud some of my intentions.

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