It is A Process

It is a process, the evolution of a kitchen that is. The planning for this began months ago. The idea was to be able to execute it all with military precision. It was understood that there would be hiccups and bumps in the road but it has had a few moments that surprised me.

The little clip below illustrates it in a big geek like way. The advantage of all of the planning was being prepared for the aforementioned bumps in the road so that when those hiccups occurred they would be easily overcome.

And for the most part that is how it has gone but there are things that you cannot be prepared for. There is a difference between anticipating and being there in the moment and that has been quite true of this particular job.

The work started and I was ready and waiting for the first glitch and sure enough my own Darth Maul appeared with its own double lightsaber.

There was a battle and in many respects it was bloody and at times tough to see how it would work out. In more specific terms, early on it became clear that this would cost more money than anticipated in not just one but several areas.

Amidst the dust and sweat I listened to the contractor, my field general explain why he believed I would want to do things differently and how he couldn’t have known in advance about some of these options. I had to admit that it made sense, but it didn’t make it any easier.

Some of you may recall the Kansas’ song Dust in The Wind. I now realize that it was my home that they were singing about my home as there is a fine layer of silt covering much of the floor and many surfaces. Ok, it is not quite that bad and in all likelihood if I didn’t have young children marching through the house it would be contained in one area. But the reality is that I do have young children and they are experts in dragging more dirt and dust into the home than you can imagine.

The construction only makes it easier for them to spread it around. More on this in an upcoming post.

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