You Live In A Christian Country- Deal With It

In my travels throughout the blogosphere I touch down upon many blogs and interact with bloggers of many different perusasions. The diversity is part of what I love about this medium. I find it fascinating to be able to have this ongoing dialogue and interaction with so many people I might otherwise never encounter.

In general I tend not to do a lot of lurking, it is just not my style. Typically if I show up at your blog I will leave a note to let you know that I have been around. Sometimes the notes are met favorably and sometimes with disdain. Apparently some of the political bloggers out there do not appreciate having their opinions challenged. While I understand how some of the more provincially minded folks might feel this way it is not how I operate. I like to be challenged.

The trick is to try and do it in a way in which you engage in a dialogue and not some kind of pissing contest in which you see who can be the most insulting. These sorts of flame wars hold a minimal amount of entertainment value but for the most part they are a waste of time.

Anyhoo, I recently received an email from another blogger in which they tried to take me to task for some of my posts which they perceive as having an anti-Christian bent to them. And this note is how I came up with the title for my post in which they said “you live in a Christian country. Deal with it.

At the moment I am going to be kind. I will not publish your name or email address. I will not even share the name of your blog. But I will remind you again that you and I live in the United States of America.

Here in the USA we haven’t yet established a theocracy. There is no dictatorship and there is no state religion in spite of the misguided attempts by some to say otherwise.

I am opposed to prayer in school, mounting the Ten Commandments in public (read taxpayer funded) buildings and other activities that violate the separation of church and state. I believe that it is possible for the majority to terrorize the minority and that what makes us work is a law that is blind to religious affiliation.

You cannot bully me into your small minded interpretation of how life should be. You cannot shout so loudly that I forget that I have the same rights as you do.

My response to you is that you live in a democracy that has no official state religion, deal with it.

Grow up and understand that it is a big world out there and even though you may not agree with everything that happens you do not have the ability to cry your way into changing it.

Do us all a favor and channel that anger into doing something positive like cleaning the beach, teaching people how to read or clothing the poor and homeless.

See you around the blogosphere.

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