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Aussie Dave says on his blog:

“I have always been curious as to how effective pro-Israel blogs like this one are. We like to think we are, but do we really play a significant role in shaping people’s opinions, and influencing their hearts and minds? Or do we play a more minor role?
Please take the time to answer the poll question. And if you really want to help, please leave some more details in the comments – such as which blog(s) influenced you the most, how effective you think pro-Israel blogs are, how you came around to support Israel (if you did), how we could improve in getting the message across, and anything else you would like to add.
Note that you can comment anonymously, so don’t hold back.
I think this can generate a very thought-provoking, and interesting discussion, so I encourage you all to participate.”
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  1. SnoopyTheGoon June 22, 2006 at 1:20 pm

    Fess up, Jack – you are not posting stuff to influence somebody. Neither do all other bloggers.

    The real reason for blogging is… [here the person who says it usually dies, so no more info]

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