Hamas Issues Call to War

The Telegraph reports that at least one member of the Hamas government has issued a call to war. Call me what you will but I would welcome a declared war as opposed to the existing war of attrition.

“A Palestinian minister called on his security forces to take up arms last night after Israeli tanks re-occupied a tract of northern Gaza, provoking the fiercest clashes since an Israeli soldier was seized 11 days ago.

Israeli troops killed at least 21 Palestinians as the air force launched missile strikes and tanks took up position among the Palestinian homes. One soldier was killed.

Saeed Seyam, the Palestinian interior minister and a member of the governing Hamas Party, declared a state of emergency and called on his forces to fight “this cowardly Zionist aggression”. Israel has arrested a third of the Palestinian cabinet and destroyed Gaza’s only power station since the seizure of Cpl Gilad Shalit on June 25.”

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