One More Reason Why Soccer is Inferior

For all of the problems that US sports leagues have this is something that we gave up last century.

ZURICH, July 21 (Reuters) – Players who make racist remarks face a five-match ban while those found guilty of diving will miss at least two games under new rules announced by European soccer’s governing body on Monday.

UEFA’s package of measures raises the mandatory three-match ban by two extra games for any player “who insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons, by whatever means, including grounds of colour, race, religion or ethnic origin”.

Clubs whose fans engage in racist or discriminatory conduct will receive a minimum fine of 19,000 euros ($24,230). For more serious breaches, UEFA said on its Web site that it may hand down punishments such as playing games behind closed doors.

The governing body also said any extremist ideological propaganda is banned and could lead to the awarding matches by default, deducting points or disqualification from competitions.

Those running the beautiful game have become increasingly worried about racism within the sport with FIFA, the world governing body, warning that national associations who fail to impose tough new rules on racism face suspension.


During the World Cup, French players alleged that they were racially taunted by Spanish fans and last year Real Zaragoza and Racing Santander fans racially abused Barcelona forward Samuel Eto’o during league matches and were subsequently fined.

Rangers were also fined by UEFA for sectarian chants by their fans at a Champions League tie with Villarreal last year.”

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