Terror is Real- The Video Again

I am more than a little irritated, but it looks like some people need to be reminded that a nation has an obligation to protect its citizenry from those who wish to harm it.

Some people assert that Israel could never truly be destroyed and that anyone who voices concern about groups that are committed to its destruction is some kind of crazy alarmist.

As I said elsewhere, if we accept that proposition we still recognize that no civilized nation allows any individual or group to commit acts of terror. They are obligated to protect their citizenry.

LOOK at this video and tell me that you would ask your government to ignore these atrocities. Tell me that you believe that people who are willing to slaughter the innocent are going to be persuaded by Chamberlain like behavior. Tell me that you think that the murderers who commit these acts are doing so because they have no choice and I’ll laugh in your face.

Ignorant fools, you silly fop. There are bad people in this world. There are evil people and they will kill you. They will cut off your head, torture your family in front of you and engage in acts of barbarism that you cannot believe.

There are wars that must be fought with both force and diplomacy. It is a sad fact, a tragic reality. If these pictures do not sicken you, if they do not make you weep than there is something wrong with you.

I loathe war and wish that there was a better way. I wish that more people acted like Ghandi and engaged in nonviolent protest, but I live in the real world and understand that this is not how it works.

There are sick individuals out there. There are monsters in the night and the day and the fact is that I would rather see them killed. Some cancers cannot be cured, they must be cut out.

I pray for peace. I pray for all children and that the day comes when videos like this are history. But that time isn’t here yet and right now if it is a choice of them or my family, I choose them.

G-d help us all.

PS. This video is graphic. You have been warned.

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