How Many Blogs Do You Read Part II

The original post was written last December but in light of current world circumstances I am curious to find out how many blogs do you read.

Here is part of what I wrote then:

“Anyway I have tried to limit my blogroll to blogs/sites that I read consistently but maintaining that schedule is rather tough because even though I read quickly there is often a ton of material to review and some of those posts require/demand more time. You know the ones that I am speaking of, they fall into two categories.

The first are those posts that tug on my emotions and touch something inside me. I like to stop and read them slowly to make sure that I really am understanding what I am reading and sometimes I am just blown away by it all, so much that I have to stop and catch my breath.

Some of the posts written by parents who have lost children have rocked my world. I often finish them and head straight to hug and kiss my children, wherever they may be.

The second category are those posts that are chock full of information and require that I read, review and read again. Sometimes that is because the topic is something that I am not as familiar with and I need to proceed carefully so that I can be certain that I understand it all. Sometimes I am well versed in the topic but there is so much information there I get sidetracked.”

For a while I increased the number of blogs I was following dramatically, but have since shrunk it back down. Too much information leads to sensory overload.

How about you. How many blogs are you reading? Is the current situation causing you to read more or less? Are you saturated or is this increasing your thirst for more information?

The floor is open.

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