War- Behind The Scenes

This past July Lisa wrote a post called The Most Blogged War? in which she said the following:

“It looks as though the Israel-Lebanon are-we-calling-it-a-war-yet of 2006 is the first conflict to be blogged from day one. Bloggers from both sides of the border – some of whom were already aware of one another before this tragedy began – have been providing live updates, commenting on one another’s blogs and sometimes linking to posts by bloggers on the other side of the border. Will this turn out to be the first time that residents of “enemy” countries engaged in an ongoing conversation while missiles were falling?”

I thought that it was interesting then and almost a month later I find it even more interesting. The blogosphere is actively churning out posts that question and analyze every little detail of the war. There are questions about reporting, bombings, pictures that might have been tampered with and more.

It is just fascinating to me to consider how so many of us are sitting at a keyboard typing furiously about the same topic. We may not all agree, in fact there is no question that there are vast disagreements.

And it is certain that the war is also being fought here in cyberspace. There is a battle for hearts and minds that is taking place, a cyberspace chess game. Consider for a moment how we have the opportunity to go check out the other side.

With a couple of keystrokes we can join them in their discussion and listen to their concerns and react to those.

In short this makes me wonder how much influence we really have here and to ask myself more questions about what is going on behind the scenes. Are there people who are savvy enough to try and harness the power of the Net. Are they working to push their stories with their slant into our living rooms.

If it was me there is no question that I would.

In the years to come I wonder if we will gain access to the classified intelligence and be able to compare our own analyses of the events and see how they compared to the experts.

For now I suppose that we will have to wait and see.

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